Duo-Fiber Blending Brush

Ok, so I LOVE duo-fiber blending brushes. My personal favorite is MAC’s 187 for face and 286 for eyes. I love these brushes for blending (DUHHH) out liquid foundation or pigments. The placement of the fibers within the stem makes for a flawless finish that can be difficult to obtain when using a traditional foundation paint brush. I have yet to use this actual duo-fiber brush, but I own two other Renewal brand brushes which is what prompted me to get this one. I know what you’re thinking–since when did Rite-Aid brand brushes become a thing? TBH, I don’t think they are a thing, but I LOVE them and they have gotten great reviews so far (established circa 2011ish??).

I was actually first introduced to the brushes from a routine Rite-Aid trip. I was there to pick up lashes. My go-to lashes are Demi Wispies by Ardell, which Rite-Aid always has. I was surfin’ down the isle to find them and they were situated next to the makeup tools. Being the makeup junky that I am, I noticed the brushes almost instantly and was like, “when did these get here?”–[actually ma’am 4 years ago] whatever–conveniently one of the brushes was out of the package (which is key because I don’t tend to buy brushes without feeling them first), so of course I picked it up and felt the bristles. I was pretty shocked to find that it was a genuinely soft bristled brush with a velvety matte finish handle. To my surprise, I left the store with their powder, eye and smudger brush! My rationale was, if I’m completely wrong and they totally suck, it was an under $20 purchase, which doesn’t even cover ONE professional brush I own. As you must know by now, they don’t suck! I love them! and I added the duo-fiber to my collection today. I added the receipt to show how economical these brushed are for, really, anyone! I use these brushes for personal and clients. It’s fun to find quality pieces at a reasonable cost, so I wanted to share!

Duo-Fiber Features:

Animal friendly fibers

Use with; liquid, powder or gel

Price point; $7.99 (compare to MAC $42)


Soooooo, that’s that! Rite-Aid Renewal makeup brushes are pretty sweet. If you’ve tried them out yourself, drop a comment. Let me know what you think of them!



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