Revlon Airbrush Effect Review

Ok, so in my last post I talked about Rite-Aid’s Renewal Duo-Fiber Blending Brush, that ties into this post because that is the ONLY brush I used for this review.


I wanted to do this review because I am always trying new makeup–professional products and non professional. I have many go-to products that I can pick up at any Walgreens, CVS or Rite-Aid and others that I will always opt for the professional brand.

So all I did to my face for this look was moisturizer, primer, foundation & translucent powder. I was interested in the foundation, how the foundation interacted with the primer and the effect of their translucent powder. I used my new duo-fiber brush and moisturized with my go-to (Mary Kay Time Wise Anti Aging Moisturizer).


I have super duper sucky lighting in my room, so you can see some shadow in the pictures, but this is before makeup (completely bare face) and after applying the 4 products.

I used my iPhone front facing camera to take these, so I can’t rely too, too heavily on the picture quality, but I would say that the makeup application looked better in person than in picture ( I took several to get different angles and lighting) which often is the case. This makeup DOES have SPF 20, so I would not recommend it for any picture-taking endeavors utilizing flash. Ya know how you will take a picture during a night on the town, lookin hot, makeup lookin’ right and you look back at it like, “why do I look like a ghost?”–that is caused from SPF in your foundation or primer, unless your foundation is just 4 shades too light and you look like a ghost with or without the flash! Sorry for the run-on sentence! Moving right along…

So, both the primer and foundation are part of the “photo ready” Revlon line and the translucent is just basic Revlon. It’s super important to use a primer because it preps the skin for the foundation application. It does this by creating a smooth canvas on the skin, filling in any fine lines or pores, so that the foundation lays evenly all over the face. It also allows the foundation to adhere to the skin better because a barrier is applied between the skin and foundation-limiting room for skins oils and residue to smear or wear off the makeup. I liked the texture of this primer and it went on smoothly. I used a little more than I tend to use when using my Mary Kay primer. I think that’s because my MK is a silicone primer and this one is more like a softening lotion. Also, on a regular day, I don’t use a translucent powder, I use a colored powder to set my foundation and then a setting spray. I like extra full coverage on my face, so both being colored works best for me. However,I do like how this powder set over the foundation. I feel ike for the most part, makeup is a lot of trial and error. There is no way of knowing before you buy it how you will like it, so you gotta just roll with it! I think it’s kind of fun buying random things that look like they’d be cool and trying them out. I get myself in trouble with the physician’s formaula brand because in the drug store because they all “look so neat”, similar to Urban Decay. Packaging is pretty, I shall buy you.


SOOOOOO, that’s it on this one! Feel free to shout out your comments, questions or concerns! I like feedback. I also think in a future blog I will add a small blurb about these products again-how they withstood through out the day and if I would buy them again. Right now we only have info on the application.


Until next time folks…






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