Lash Sensational – Maybelline


*Drug Store Find*

I love drug store mascara! Go-to is always Maybelline’s Falsies Black Drama. I decided I wanted to try something new this go around. I always like to switch it up. Similar to hair products, our skin and nails etc get used to certain products with consistent use. Kind of like when you use a shampoo for 4 months straight and then start using something new on that 5th month, your hair usually feels or styles different.

image1 (1).PNG

Sooo, my sister got this mascara and I saw the packaging and was like OMG cute, I want to try it–got it at Target the following day. It advertises on the packaging that it gives a full-fan effect, it definitely does! I also curled my dry lashes pre mascara. I loveee how well this spread over my lashes making them appear long and super full! Personally, I like very thick lashes too and I don’t think this specific mascara gives the thickness that I generally like. After using it a few times I decided to take Falsies and do a few coats for thickness. Of course, use sparingly, as you could end up with tons of clumps on your lashes.

I would definitely buy this mascara again! Drug store find for the win!!










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