Rimmel London v. Jordana [[Felt-Tip Liner]]

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I took all my makeup off before the video-Ghostly and wild hair



So felt-tip liner is an always must have for me. I use it ALMOST everyday to line my top lashline. I usually always do black, but will through in the occasional blue or charcoal. The main issue I have when trying new brands of felt tip is the color intensity. So this blog will focus on the quality and color of both products.

Rimmel London ScandalEyes Jumbo Liquid Eye Liner – $5.49

The only good thing I have to say about this liner is the size of the felt tip. The size makes it easy to do one nice precise line across the lid, HOWEVER, it scores a ZERO for opacity. The color is transparent black, not black. And it is nearly impossible to build the color because going in for an additional pass causes the initial line to come off. Not to mention, the brush is extremely rough and doesn’t glide smoothly over the lid. My lid was sore from the continuous passes I had to do in order to attempt to build color. FAIL. I bought two of these because they were on sale. Now I know why….the second one I will be returning to RiteAid!!

Jordana Fabu Liner Bold – $2.99

I have used a Jordana felt-tip liner for about 5 years, it I a go-to always piece for me. To my dismay, I went to Walgreens to re-up on this item, and they were sold out of it or the above mentioned is the replacement (I think the ladder is the case and I’m super bummed about it). So the opacity on this one gets about a SIX. It does come out black, so that’s a plus! But you still have to do a few passes over your original line to get a nice vibrant line. You can go over the line multiple times without it picking up the product, another plus. The felt-tip on this one was stiff enough to manipulate, but again kinda rough for my liking on the lid. I don’t think I would buy this product again unless it was like last-resort or extremely limited options.



I like feedback! If you’ve used an awesome felt-tip, shout it out!!!


Until next week…













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