~Wedding Season 2016~

How ’bout that ride in….

 My son and I enjoying a wedding that we were IN. A little change of pace for me to be in the wedding rather than on the sidelines 😉

Kane and Mom - Reba's Wedding


No, but really??!!!! This wedding season has been ANYTHING SHORT of amazing! I have met some of the most amazing brides. Likeee, I want to be your friends. Call me to hang some time 🙂 The crazy part is, it’s still only June!!! Still 57465454 weddings left and I couldn’t be more excited.


Here’s a peak at some of the brides I have had in 2016 so far…



Warm wishes always,



2 thoughts on “~Wedding Season 2016~

  1. Lauren Kimmell- McCarty says:

    Ashley was amazing! she took her time and truly listened to what I wanted. As a person who rarely wears makeup it was important to me that I didn’t look too done up. Ashley was spot on when she designed my look for my wedding day. She was so down to earth and accommodating! On the day of the wedding I added 2 extra people to the make list to whom she was not originally expecting but that was no problem for her she adjusted accordingly and everyone’s make up turned out perfect. Not only is she awesome at what she does she truly is an awesome person, I can totally see myself hanging out with her again outside of “work” and also using her services again for anything special in my life! Thank you so much ash for making me feel like a princess on my special day!!! xo


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