How to NOT Look Like S**t on Boudoir Picture Day



Congrats!!! You did it!

You made the leap to let some stranger do your hair/makeup and let another strange take your pictures half naked. Sounds super awkward, not even gonna lie!

And yes, the above picture is of me. I thought what better way to explain the prep, than actually doing it myself?  PG preview only 😉 Photo Cred: Erin Greene Photography

The weirdest part, is it’s not awkward at all! It’s empowering, invigorating and super fun, all in one! Totes didn’t mean to make that a rhyme, but I’ll go with it. So you’re probably nervous leading up to picture day -think weird middle school 7th grade picture day but you still have braces and the boy you like is alphabetically behind you—dagger.  If anything else, relaxing and calming your nerves is most vital. The pictures will look uncomfortable if you feel uncomfortable. Xanax, double shot of whiskey, pre-shoot nakey dance party, whatever, girl! Do what you gotta do! However, my suggestion would be to NOT mix the Xanax and whiskey together—we would like you to be awake for pictures. Thank you.


Ok, so now that you (hopefully) are feeling relaxed and ready to be photographed, let’s talk SKIN! Your skin is the most beautiful canvas and we want to be sure that it is prepped correctly for hi-def pictures.


The week of pictures:


  1. WATER- water literally helps everything. There is NO downside to water consumption. Unless of course, you’re drinking like Chesapeake Bay untreated, animal shit in your water, water. Soooooo, drink that water!!! It will also help to reduce any bloating. Try to avoid sodium and caffeine. Both cause bloating. Water will help your skin look hydrated and soft for your shoot. Aint nobody got time for leather face up in here. When you’re having your makeup pr0fessionlly applied, super dry skin is an artist’s worst enemy. Un-hydrated skin doesn’t allow makeup to sit well on the surface. Overall, drink your water to reduce premature aging (fine lines and wrinkles) and maintain the elasticity of your biggest organ
  2. EXFOLIATE: The night before your shoot, you should exfoliate your face and body. This will remove any dead skin cells and allow the healthiest skin to shine! As for your face, be sure you are using an exfoliator designed for facial skin. Facial skin is extremely different than your body skin and is a lot more sensitive. IF YOU HAVE NEVER TRIED SOMETHING ON YOUR SKIN/FACE, PLEASE DO NOT TRY IT FOR THE FIRST TIME THE NIGHT BEFORE YOU GET PICTURES!!! I know it sounds like common sense but it’s not. Should you have an allergic reaction, it may cause discoloration or side effects that will negatively affect your pictures. Always be sure to test any new products on a SMALL portion of your skin (inner forearm works well), 1-2 weeks before your scheduled shoot. I prefer to exfoliate before shaving.
  3. TANNING: Should you chose to get some color before your shoot, please do so properly. Going in a sunbed for the maximum exposure time the night before your shoot, is NOT A GOOD IDEA. You will burn. Do, plan accordingly, gradually building up your base tan within a 2-3 week period of time. I worked at Palm Beach Tan for 5 years. You don’t get tan in one session in a tanning bed. If you chose to sunless tan (Versa/Mystic etc.), do make sure you exfoliate your skin prior, knos what the hell you’re doing, and have it done 1-2 days prior to your photoshoot.


Unless told otherwise; you should plan to arrive to your shoot completed naked…of makeup and hair products. Tricked ya 😉 A bare face (no moisturizer) and dry hair. At this point, you should have followed all other above mentioned points, and totally be ready to get your photo shoot on!


orioles (1)


That’s all I got!


Enjoy 😉



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